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Who are we?

As a massive movie fan and fan of all things 'cool' having seen the first one sixth scale models and the incredible detail and nostalgia they bring, I wanted to get into collecting these incredible nostalgia pieces to display.

My first problem was finding a company I could trust to part with my hard earned money and be confident I was in safe hands. Having seen many unappealing websites that instilled no confidence I was disheartened. After seeing I was not alone I decided to create Cool Coated and offer the service I was searching for. Why should anyone be worried when they want to collect.

The goal is simple, provide the best service, the easiest to navigate website and allow collectors to buy with confidence and get on with enjoying their piece and conitnuing their hunt for that next Grail item.

I now have a team that helps me to ensure all items are packed securely, dispatched fast and your questions are answered.

So please enjoy the site, I hope you find what you are looking for and we will conitnue to increase the range and do let us know any feedback or things you want and can't find, we are happy to help.

Team Cool Coated.

Where images are not provided from manufacturers and own images are used all images, designs and site work is the ownership of Cool Coated.

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